Thursday, February 7, 2013

My sweet baby girl

Olivia is 5 months old today.  You guys, I am dying.  I honestly have loved every stage with her.  I'm so busy with Aubree and life and church callings and you know, everything, that I actually enjoy when she wakes up in the middle of the night and simple times during the day when I hold her and love on her.  Aubree adores her and she honestly adores her back.  Such a sweet girl- she is so fun.

{Rolls from tummy to back}

{Yep... this happened.  I was looking at these pics like 2 days after taking them and saw this one and was rolling I was laughing so hard.  I'm sorry but this is funny}

{Apparently loves anything Disney like her sis}

Cutest thing ever- love you baby!!

Catch up

Wow I have started 2 other posts and can't decide how I want to catch my blog up.. I'm so weird about stuff like this, it gives me anxiety!  I've decided to just post a couple pics from the major events the last little while and then a bunch from what's been going on lately. It makes me sad that people living far away from us haven't seen my girls (especially baby and how big and adorable she is getting!)  So hopefully this will help catch everyone up a little on our lives.  And I'll do another littel post on Livy :)

Halloween- Aub and Olivia were cupcakes and they were so cute.  Especially when going cross eyed.  We also had a Halloween party with our St. George friends that live up here and had so much fun catching up.  Aubree loved trick-or-treating- so much fun when kids understand more and more about holidays!  I'm dying at this picture of how little my Olivia is.  STOP GROWING!

Thanksgiving- We hosted Thanksgiving at our house with my family and it was perfect.  We had delicious food and my mom planned games and activities for us to do all weekend.  We had so much fun!  (sorry about the crappy flashed-out pictures)

Happy Birthday Matt!  Juli came up and we had a blast with her.  We went to dinner, shopped and did some fun (but freezing) Christmas activities.  Matt's cousin's wife's parents (ha ha) do a huge nativity on their property in Alpine every year.  It was so nuts- all of Utah county showed up!  But it was really cool to experience and we got to see a lot of Matt's family. 

Christmas- Celebrated my grandma's 80th, finally met baby Evie, got together with wonderful friends (some we hadn't seen in a year), played with cousins, had a fun Christmas Eve dinner with my family, Christmas day with the Wiest's, got to talk to Tay, and loved being with family.  My wonderful family, both Matt's and mine, put up with me going a little crazy by the end of the holiday.  Like I got a little warn out and psycho and I love them all forever for still keeping me around :)

Some January Highlights- Celebrated Aubree's 3rd birthday!  In true Stanley form, we celebrated all week long.  We had a birthday party with all her little friends- SO fun.  It was a pajama party and it wasn't the most beautiful party but the kids had a ball.  Loved that my mom and sister Madison came up to help me.  Bless them.  Later that week we had a get together with our friends and went to Hang Time.  That girl is loved!  She is so darling and is an amazing little girl.  I love her!  Other January highlights include going to the aquarium in Sandy, sledding, having a ton of playdates with our friends and enjoying our cozy and simple and awesome little life. 

Longest post of my life.  I could do a thousand more pictures too haha.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little Olivia

{3 Months Old}

December 7, 2012

{Love her face!}

-She chews on her hands like crazy! 
-She will sometimes sleep all the way through the night but then makes sure that we don't get too excited by waking up 4 times the next night haha.
-She has the cutest rolls on her legs.
-We discovered that dairy in large amounts (i.e. ice cream) and possibly chocolate upsets her tummy.  So basically the food that sustains me bugs her. 
-She has been smiling and talking to us!  What else can get better?!
-Olivia loves looking at bright toys and books.  And lately the TV has caught her attention.
-She is such a content little girl.  She is so, so sweet.
-She has never had a blowout yet!  I know, right?
-She does so well whenever we go anywhere.  She's a trooper.
-Honestly, I really think I got a perfect baby.  Or maybe I'm not as anxiety ridden as I was with Aubree haha.

She is our little lover bug- we are all so happy she is in our family!  Love you Livy baby!!

Aubree Lately

{December 12, 2012}
What she's been saying...

"I have to get my satchel."  (before she goes to bed she has to walk out to the family room for her satchel.. which is any random item she can find, usually a pillow from the couch.)
"You need to listen to me!" 
"Mom, I need to pump."  Ha
"One more show/cookie/book and that is all."
"How was your day Dad my day was great how was your day?" 
"I am so mad at you right now!"
"The tiger is getting me!!"
"Can I be like Giselle for a minute?"  (She throws all the couch pillows on the floor and pretends she is stuck in the mud).

I'm sure there is more.. I'll have to ask Matt if he can think of anything.  As you can tell, she is a little sassy :)

-She has been such a good big sister.  She adores Olivia and is sometimes a little rough but not on purpose.
-She loves to play pretend.  We are always playing with her dolls or animals and the very first thing we have to say is "Hi what's your name?" 
-We go to the Disney store in the mall at least once a week.  She could stay in there for hours.. and let's face it, so could I.  Santa might bring her some fun things from there :)
-She asks to play in the snow every day, even when there is no snow outside.
-She loves Doc Mcstuffins and pretends to be my doctor.  She gets random objects and basically jabs me with them and says "Oh mom, does that hurt?  I'm almost done.  Your doing so good."  Ha it's pretty cute, even though.
-We got her a goldfish and she was so excited!  She named him Fishy Fish.. but Fishy Fish died like 4 days later.  We told her he went to heaven and she told everyone her fish went to "leven." 
-Loves playing with her friends. 

We love you Aubree Grace- thank you for entertaining us and your sister!

{Feeding her baby.. she might kill me one day for this picture!}

{Playing with her bestie Emme}

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Olivia at 2 Months

{November 2, 2012}
Gosh, this little girl is amazing!  She is such a good baby and pretty cute if I do say so myself.
Here are some things about Olivia at 2 months:

-She looks a lot like her dad
-She's in 0-3 and 3 month clothes
-Has such a cute cry.. I have been blessed with babies that cry cute.

{Oh hey Matt}

-Celebrated her 1st Halloween!  Her and Aubree were cupcakes.
-She has squishy cheeks and little rolls on her legs.  We consider this extremely chubby compared to
when Aubree was her age!
-She sometimes has a crazy rash on her forehead when she wakes up in the morning.  It's only been a few times so it's a little weird.. We have her 2 month check up on Thursday so we'll see what that's all about.
-Good sleeper and has a pretty consistent schedule, waking up 2 times a night.  The mornings are rough though.  She usually wakes up about 4 am, then 6 am and sometimes has a hard time going back to sleep.  When she does go back to sleep easily, Aubree obviously wakes up 30 minutes later.  Of course.
-She has smiled a few times at us, but usually has a scowl on her face!
-She loves being held and likes those stupid green binkies that do not stay in babies mouths.

Olivia is so much fun and such a joy to each of us.  We cannot get enough of her!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mommy Style

Becoming a mom can take a toll on your wardrobe.  I am no fashion expert.. ok actually if I had a bajillion dollars I would be, who wouldn't?!  But being on a serious student budget, nursing a baby, and battling with a very serious fear of wasting a really cute outfit on a day in the house (or in high school when you have your favorite outift on and you realize that it's a B day.. which means you just wasted your awesome clothing choice because the boy you like is in your class on A day), can be frustrating. 

Longest sentance ever.  Sorry.

This is simply my opinion, but I think it's important to still feel cute and good about yourself after becoming a mom.  That doesn't mean you have to be someone elses version of pretty or feel like you have to spend hours on yourself.  But we don't have to turn into this....

Unless you want to and mom jeans make you feel pretty.  In that case, own it, girlfriend.  You rock those mom jeans!

I also think it's important not to be judgmental of how other people choose to dress after becoming a mom, or before for that matter.  Even if they want to wear said mom jeans, honestly, who cares?  On the other hand, I was at a playgroup about a year ago and one of the women there told me that she feels that putting on makeup means neglecting your children.  I'm not kidding, that is exactly what she said.  So that made me think, "ok, am I a bad mom because I spend a good 7 minutes putting my makeup on?"  Um, NO.  Either way, to each his own.  Your kids will survive whether you get ready or not.

For me, I knew I wouldn't be happy lounging in my pj's all day.  I put my makeup on, do my hair, and throw on a cute t-shirt and jeans.  T's are my favorite right now because nursing a baby with a flowy or bulky top on is not happening.  My style has become simple and functional, and easy to pull up and down if you know what I mean.

  Loving this shirt

If I'm leaving the house, I put on some boots or my Toms and earings.  Nothing too spectacular, but I feel good and comfortable.  I do have cute, flowy tops that are reserved for special occassions, like grocery shopping.  Just kidding sort of. 

The biggest thing I've learned is to reserve the money I do have for shopping for things I really want.  With Aubree, I bought a lot of really cheap things for myself that ended up not working or were too frilly or bulky.  My favorite stores right now are Shade and Gap.  However, JCrew is calling my name.  Darn you, JCrew with your beautiful, functional, overpriced sweaters.  Anyways, being a mom doesn't mean sacrificing your self image.  You just might have to re-define it! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lately I'm Loving...

-Country music... Hunter Hayes song "Wanted."  LOVE.  It's been years since I've listened to Country, reasons being Matt hates it.  I asked him to take me to Tim and Faith in Vegas this year and here is how our convo went:
Me- Will you pleeeeease take me to see Tim and Faith?!
Matt- Psh, take yourself.
Me- If you will recall Valentines Day 2009 I took you to a Monster Truck race... 
Matt- That's because the stuff I like is awesome so of course we went to that.
So guess who's been blasting Country around the house?  :)

-The Mortal Instraments Series.. still.  The 5th book became available at the library for me the day before I had Olivia.  It was destiny, you guys.  Read it, loved it, couldn't wait for the 6th and final book.. and then heard it is coming out in 2014.  I really couldn't think about it for about a week because I was so upset.  So, to pass the time I've been reading other fallen angel/tormented teenage love novels.  The Hush, Hush series is holding me over.   

-My chevron rings I bought for myself and McCall for our birthdays.  You can find them here.

-The Nike app.  Well, I haven't used it yet (still hasn't been 6 weeks since baby yet, people) but I've done it before once and it kicked my butt.  Promise I'm going to use it.